Festival El Poncho: 50 years showing crafts and Catamarca’s folklore to the world

fiesta del poncho

As every winter Catamarca embraces us with “a big poncho”, and San Fernando del Valle, capital of the province, becomes the main stage of the biggest winter recess celebration of Argentina.

Along centuries the Catamarca’s weaving still are a demanding job, symbolizing the native essence of this province, and the major festival of Catamarca receive, in each edition, the amazed look from its visitors, shocked by the diversity and beauty of local, national and international crafts.

The National and International Festival El Poncho will be performed from July 14th till July 23th of 2017 in the Predio Ferial de Catamarca. It is the biggest winter festival of Argentina and it gathers more than 750 craftmen, who come from all the 24 argentinian provinces and also from several latin american countries.

The Craft Fair will be organized in a well differenciated 4 sectors and destinated to exhibit and commercialization of products made by the craftmen, manualists and producers who participed without any intermediation.

Crafts Sector: formed by independent craftmen whose participation is organized according to 13 items that are contempladed by the fair.

Institutional Craft Sector: destinated to the public and private organization responsables related to crafts such as Fair and National and International Popular Festival representatives, Craft Market, Craftmen Asociations, Provincial and Municipal Delegations, ONGs, among others.

Crafts Sector: In it participate exclusively local crafts only, and it is located on a tent with a capacity for 54 stands.

Regional Products Sector: formed by local producers only, this sector exhibits and commercializes breadmaking products and also typical sweets, “confituras” , cake shops, homemade wines, liqueurs, spices, oils and schnapps. This sector has two tents with a capacity of 54 stands each.

At nights, the Predio Ferial dress up itself to receive national and local representatives who delight Catamarca’s people and visitors that arrive from all different places, with their music and typical dancing.