This Thursday Catamarca opens its heart for our country to live its PONCHO DE ORO(Golden Poncho).


We don´t have to wait anymore, El Poncho, that warms all the Catamarca’s people on every July, will open its doors to receive people from all of our country and the whole world, when 50 years has already passed since its first edition.

We all are ready, the only thing missing is you! You just have to come at 17:30 p.m. to become participant of the call “Al Poncho con Poncho” where, pride of our identity, we will walk all together showing this piece of wearing that identifies us so much, we will walk together with our Virgen del Valle, Patrona Nacional del Turismo, to the Predio Ferial. This gathering will be performed on the Parque America roundabout infront of The Bicentenario Stadium, we will wait for you right there.

On this way the National and International Festival El Poncho will begin to shape itself for, in the next 10 days, more than 750 craftmen show their creations to more that 450 thousand visitors who every single year visited us; in that time we will have 10 nights of shows in which every sinlge one of us will sing outloud what the main stage gives to us.

We are waiting for you, you all are invited, Catamarca opens its heart to live its PONCHO DE ORO.

Schedule, Thursday 13th of July:

17:30 hs. “Al Poncho con Poncho”, Parque America roundabout.

18:15 hs. Walk to the Predio Ferial leaded by our Virgen del Valle image- Belen’s poncho, the biggest poncho of the world- Authorities- National and International Festival El Poncho Queens and invited queens from neighboring provinces.

Paragliding Honor Flight for the Poncho´s 50 years, in charge of the Direccion de Aeronautica de la Provincia and the La Agrupacion de Alas Delta y Ultralivianos de Catamarca.

18:30 hs. Showing and Blessing of Honorific Plaques- 50 years aniversary of National and International Festival El Poncho.

19:00 hs. Ribbon Cutting.

19:00 hs. Fireworks.

19:15 hs. Entrance to Show Room.

19:30 hs. Start Protocol Act.